"The Dwarves make the best masons, artisans and blacksmiths in all the realms. Their creations will outlast anything made by other races... except for beer, that is."

The Dwarf Faction

The Dwarves were implemented as one of the Prestige Factions during the Underworld expansion (v1.2). They appear in addition to a good faction, and enable the player to use the 2 faction spells and all the 18 upgrades and from both the Good and Dwarf factions.
With their strong clicking reward upgrades, the Dwarves find it lucrative to work along with the click-heavy Elven Faction.

Tier 1 Upgrades

Name Cost Effect
Dwarven Trade Treaty 3000 Dwarven Coins Unlocks Tier 1 Dwarven Upgrades
Dwarven Ale 5 Qad
Increase the production of all buildings by 1% per Inn you own.
Expert Masonry 50 Qad
Reduce all building cost multipliers.
Reduces cost multiplier by 0.02; with no other reductions applying, the multiplier will be 1.13 instead of 1.15.
Mining Prodigies 500 Qad
Increase the production of all buildings based on the total amount of Excavations you made.

Tier 2 Upgrades

Name Cost Effect
Dwarven Friendship Pact 12000 Dwarven Coins Unlocks Tier 2 Dwarven Upgrades.
Underground Citadels 50 Qid
Increase the production of Citadels based on the gems you own.
Indestructible Treasure 500 Qid
Increase clicking reward based on the amount of buildings you own.
Bearded Assistants 5 Sxd
Increase the production of assistants based on how long their beard is (it grows over time!).

Tier 3 Upgrades

Name Cost Effect
Dwarven Alliance 30000 Dwarven Coins Unlocks Tier 3 Dwarven Upgrades.
Battlehammers 500 Sxd
Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of Dwarven Coins found in this game.
Magic Resistance 5 Spd
Increase the production of all buildings based on mana regeneration rate.
Overwatch 50 Spd
Your production is increased by 600% so long as there are mouse movements. (Motions that can be automated, such as clicking and casting, are not considered as movements.)

This bonus falls off by 1% per second, down to 0 while inactive

Faction Unlock Requirements

Below requirements can be done in separate game plays.

Dwarven Faction Unlock Requirements
Name Cost Description Requirement
Passage to the Underworld 50 Qid
Unlocks Prestige Quests

Required once throughout the entire game play and does not count towards the bought upgrade stat.

200 Excavations
Sturdy Bearded Man's Quest 10 Qad (1E46), 10K Fairy, Elven and Angel Coins Unlocks Underworld Diplomacy

Required once throughout the entire game play and does not count towards the bought upgrade stat.

Good Alignment, Build 800 Inns, 7000 Buildings Owned (This Game), 10000 treasure clicks (Total)
Underworld Diplomacy 1 Qad
Unlocks Prestige Faction Coins, Trade Treaty, Royal Exchanges and Heritage

Required each run until R3

Sturdy Bearded Man's Quest

Dwarven Unique Building

At R28, the Dwarven Blacksmiths can be upgraded to a Unique Building: Dwarven Forges, which is required for some challenges and research quests.

Dwarven Research

Upon reaching R29, the game advisor tells us that the Prestige factions have discovered an almost infinite source of magical power: Prestige Research.

Dwarven Research is related to the Craftsmanship, Divine and Economics facilities. It enables one to acquire both Vanilla and Dwarven unique buildings, and combine their researches.

Each item below can be unlocked in separate game plays, and most only need to be bought once throughout the entire game play. The Unique building upgrade and the Horn of the Kings are the only ones that need to be bought each run and count towards the 'Bought Upgrades' stats.

Research Unlock Requirements
Name Type Description Requirement Cost
Dwarven Forge Quest Quest Upgrade Aye again lad! Don't ye want a better place to forge yer weapons? With Enough Blacksmiths me people can help ye!

Required once throughout the entire game play and does not count towards the bought upgrade stat.

R28+, 5000 Blacksmiths 10 Sxg
Dwarven Forges Allegiances Upgrades Upgrade Blacksmiths to Dwarven Forges, boosting their production based on mana regen and unlocking more unique perks for the building. Dwarven Forge Quest 10 USxg
Earth Core Artifact Quest Artifact Unlocks The Secrets of the Underworld upgrade Requirements: R29 + 2750th Excavation.
Secrets of the Underworld Quest Upgrade Unlocks Researches for Dwarves and Drow and provides a bonus for individual research branches.

Required once throughout the entire game play and does not count towards the bought upgrade stat.

Prestige Unique Building, Earth Core Artifact 100 QiSxg (1E200),
10 M (1E7) of every FC
Dwarven Research Upgrade
Name Description Requirement Cost
Legacy of The Dwarven Kings Adds 3 extra Dwarven research slots: 2 for Craftsmanship and 1 to the faction's facility you are playing.

Requires being purchased for each Dwarven run.

Horn of the Kings artifact (Requires Dwarven Forges and 3250 Excavations) 10 SxSpg
1E232, 100 M (1E8) Dwarven Coins

To Unlock Prestige Research:

  1. Uncover the Earth Core Artifact with any Faction, and gather enough gems to be able to buy the Secrets of the Underworld (100 QiSxg (1E200) coins and 10 M (1E7) FCs)
  2. When ready, play a Vanilla faction (Good Faction for Dwarf, Evil for Drow). Choose one that will be able to afford the Secrets of the Underworld. Do not buy the Vanilla faction's Unique building upgrade until you have bought the prestige Trade Treaty.
  3. Once affiliated with the prestige faction, buy their Unique building quest, Unique Building upgrade, and then the Secrets of the Underworld. With the latter, the research button and prestige research will show up.

After you have unlocked Prestige research, the Vanilla unique building and Vanilla researches can be acquired before purchasing the prestige trade treaty. Plan in advance to not use up all your RUS on Vanilla researches, as prestige researches only show up after you affiliate with a prestige faction.