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In-game description:
Ascending will reset all the progress a Reincarnation would reset. It will not reset your Reincarnation count, and then will revert back to the Reincarnate button for Reincarnation 41 with new requisites. By Ascending you will unlock a new main currency, Diamond Coins, that will be used for post-ascension upgrades and features, resulting in much smaller numbers. All upgrades that previously cost Gold Coins will be free, and the formulas for subsequent Reincarnations will change to allow continued progress. All Gifts bonuses, Scry Rewards, Ruby bonuses, Event bonuses and Gem bonuses will NOT be affected by the Ascension reduction.

Ascension is a special and unique soft-reset that happens at R39, where the usual Reincarnation button is replaced with an Ascension button. It was implemented (in v1.6.48) to overcome an issue related to the storage of very big numbers and all the values were shifted to a smaller range to enable the game to progress further.

Diamond coin
Everything will appear the same, but the gold coins will disappear—everything that used to cost gold coins will become either free, or are converted to Diamond coins. Early upgrades, faction and research upgrades will be free to a certain point. Buildings and excavations will still cost coins, but Diamond coins.

WARNING! It is imperative to ascend before reaching 18.96 Ocqag (1.896E148) gems or 179.7 Uc (1.797E308) gold. If you go above, your game will start to bug. (source)

Value Shifts Edit

The bonus formulas of upgrades are all shifted to a lower range, resulting in many 2-number bonuses.
Ascension reduces each income boost by raising the respective multiplier to the 1/10 power. For instance:

  • 6000% of S330 is a 61x multiplier
  • 610.1 = 1.508

Therefore, it's a 50.8% percent increase post-ascension[1].

Formula: ((x / 100 + 1)0.1A - 1) * 100, where x is original bonus in percentage and A is Ascension count.

A shift is applied to every aspect of the game: production, assistant, mana etc., resulting in the need to reconsider tactics, and rebuild new Mercenary and research builds. See Values for ascension upgrades by artcrow

Post Ascension Rewards Edit

The following items can only be acquired post-ascension. One-time item unlock upgrades are not mentioned.

Post-Ascension Rewards
Trophies Upgrades Artifacts
40 Reincarnations Heroic Proclamations, Villainous Proclamations Wall Fragment
45 Reincarnations 3500, 5000 Buildings for Good, Evil and Neutral Spiky Rough Egg
Colorful Autocasting Mana Wave, Mana River, Mana Lake Dragon Fang
Spell Cataclysm Tiered Autocasting - for upgrading spell tiers Dragon Soul
Dragon Tamer Tier Spell Upgrades
Dragon Roar Dragon Faction upgrades
Dragon Champion Dragon's Breath Spell upgrade
Wyrm's Den Unique Building Upgrade
Dragon Research upgrades

Note: It is strongly advised to get most, if not all, the trophies, challenges and artifacts possible before ascending (5k buildings, Stoic Resistance etc. [2]). Post-ascension, it may take a long time to reach the necessary requirements again.

References Edit

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  2. Things to do before Ascension

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