Bearded-Assistants Dwarf-Faction upgrade

In-game description:
"Increase the production of assistants based on how long their beard is (it grows over time!)."

Bearded Assistants, Dwarf (2,3), is the third tier 2 Dwarven upgrade that increases assistant production over time. Beard length in centimeters is equal to playtime in current game in seconds.

Formula: 0.03*x^{0.7}% where x is your your Playtime (This Game) stat in seconds.

Related : Edit

  • The IGOT merc build, as its name suggests, takes advantage of this perk: It Grows Over Time
Related Secret Trophy
Beard Carpet Beard Carpet Unlock requirement:

Have at least 3km beards on your assistants. (This takes 3d 11h 20m.)

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