Bloodline choice
Bloodline upgrade
Bloodline gives you the ability to choose a Faction Bloodline, which is a kind of cross-faction perk that resets at abdications.

The Faction Bloodlines Edit

Faction Bloodlines
Faction Effect
Bloodline fairy Fairy Increase the production of Farm, Inn and Blacksmith based on the assistants you own.
Formula: 250 * x0.9%, where x is the number of assistants you have.
Bloodline elven Elven Increase the chance to find Faction Coins based on Faction Coins found in this game and autoclick 3 times per second. Autoclicks made this way benefit from a 100 times higher clicking reward and Faction Coin find chance.

Formula: floor(15 * ln(1 + x)1.75), where x is number of Faction Coins found in this game.

Bloodline-angel Angel Increase the production of all buildings by a cumulative 1% per second while you have at least one active spell. The bonus falls off by 5% per second while you have no active spell.
Bloodline goblin Goblin Reduce all building cost multipliers.
Reduces cost multiplier by 0.02; with no other reductions applying, the multiplier will be 1.13 instead of 1.15.
Bloodline-undead Undead Gain additional assistants based on the amount of times you reincarnated.
Formula: floor(8 * x0.8), where x is the number of times you have reincarnated.
Bloodline-demon Demon Increase production bonus from gems based on total time spent being Evil.
Formula: floor(0.04 * x0.8)%, where x is your Time Spent Being Evil (Total) in seconds stat.
Bloodline titan Titan Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of Royal Exchanges you purchased.
Formula: 15 * x0.85%, where x is the amount of Royal Exchanges made.
Bloodline-druid Druid Increase mana regeneration based on maximum mana.
Formula: Formula: 0.03 * x 0.95, where x is your maximum mana. (non-linear value).
Bloodline-faceless Faceless Increase maximum mana based on mana produced in this game.
Formula: floor(30 * log10(1 + x)3.5), where x is your Mana Produced (This Game) stat..
Bloodline-dwarf Dwarven Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of excavations you made.
Formula: 10 * x0.8%, where x is your number of excavations purchased.
Bloodline-drow Drow Increase offline production by a cumulative 0.1% per second while you are offline by at least 1 minute. The value is preserved when you come back online, and persists through abdications.
DragonBloodline Dragon Increase the production of all buildings based on Faction Coin find chance.
Formula: 4 * (x 0.4), where x is your Faction Coin find chance..

Bloodstream Edit

In-game description: Increase the production of all buildings based on the time spent as faction of the bloodline you are using. While you are Mercenary, a fraction of the total time spent as mercenary is added to your Bloodstream bonus based on the amount of mercenary upgrades purchased in this game from the faction of the bloodline you are using.

Unlocking all Faction Bloodlines grants the Bloodstream Secret Trophy, which in turn grants the Bloodstream upgrade.

  • Effect: Increases the production of all buildings based on the total time allied with the faction bloodline you are playing. ("Time Spent Allied" with at the bottom of the stats.)
  • Cost: 1Tg (1e93 coins)
  • Formula: 0.1*x0.65%, where x is your (adjusted) time spent affiliated with the bloodline's faction in seconds.

For Mercenaries, Bloodstream works slightly differently, and a fraction of your "Time Spent Allied with Mercenary" is used in addition to the time spent allied with the faction your current bloodline belongs to. This fraction depends on the amount of upgrades that "match" the bloodline faction used in a build.
Mercenaries have 12 upgrades, so each upgrade represents 1/12 of the total Mercenary time. As Factions have 9 upgrades, the maximum fraction possible is 9/12.

These "Matches" are indicated in Mercenary builds. Example: A build using Titan bloodline and 3 Titan upgrades will be said to have "3 matches" = 3/12th of your total time allied with Mercenaries will be used in the Bloodstream upgrade.

Hovering over the Bloodstream upgrade, the tool-tip will show the Adjusted time spent.

Related Edit

  • A400 Bloodspring Research Upgrade (R28): grants the effect of the bloodline of the faction you're currently playing, in addition to the bloodline that you have chosen. In the case of combinations with Prestige factions, the Prestige faction's bloodline will get selected. If you have already selected your (Prestige) faction's bloodline, the Bloodspring upgrade will have no effect.

References Edit

  1. Update Bloodlines are now free to purchase once you unlock them.

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