Resilient Treasure
Realm Grinder first started with the image of a big treasure chest (see image), and since the v2 UI graphic overhaul, it has been removed. This is why clicking the background brings income, and many click related upgrades, trophies and descriptions refer to treasure clicks.

Two aspects of clicking are taken into account and visible in the stats:

  • Coins per Click: Initially, with no upgrades, one click generates one coin. The value can be increased by purchasing "Clicking Reward" upgrades, or by increasing assistants.
    Coins per Click is also visible in the Production tool-tip (Hourglass icon at the bottom of the main window).
  • Productive Clicks / Automatic Clicks - Amount of clicks, manual and automatic.

Automatic Clicks Edit

As of v2, there are four ways to gain Automatic clicks:

Automatic Click Upgrades
Sun Blessing Sun Blessing
Elven Spell Upgrade
Autoclicks 15 times per second while the Moon Blessing spell is active.
Bloodline elven Elven Bloodline Autoclicks 3 times per second. Autoclicks made this way benefit from a 100 times higher clicking reward and Faction Coin find chance.
Resilient Treasure Sturdy Treasure Series (6 Upgrades) Add 1 click per second while offline. (per upgrade)
C590 Alloys (C590) Research Upgrade Autoclicks 10 times per second.
Elven Lineage Autoclicks 1 time per second per lineage level.

Assistants Clicks Edit

Assistant clicks will bring income and is influenced by click rewards, but they do not click: They do not count towards Productive or Automatic Clicks.

Auto-Clickers Edit

Related Edit

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