Drow Faction Building
In-game description:
"The Drows believe that any crime can go unpunished if nobody notices you did it. They value and praise perfect executions, and will reward those who plan accordingly."

The Drow Faction Edit

Drow was implemented during the Underworld expansion (v1.2). It is the Evil Prestige Faction, and will only appear when playing an Evil Vanilla faction. The Drow player will be able to combine the 2 faction spells and all the 18 upgrades and from both the Evil Vanilla and Drow factions. Several of their upgrades relying on Royal Exchanges play evil with the faction-coin-heavy Goblin Faction.

  • Alignment: Prestige (Evil)
  • Faction Spell: Combo Strike - Increase the production of all buildings. The more spell casts, the more production is increased. See table of increase/casts.
    Formula: 30*(x^0.9)%, where x is the number of times you have cast Combo Strike (This game).
  • Spell Upgrade: Perfect Combo Increases Combo Strike bonus.
    Formula: 40*(x^0.9)%, where x is the number of times you have cast Combo Strike.
    • Unlock requirement: Cast Combo Strike 100 times in a row.
  • Heritage: Increase the production of assistants based on the amount of Royal Exchanges you purchased in this game.
    Formula: 2 * x0.8, where x is your Royal Exchanges made (This Game) stat.
  • Bloodline: Increase offline production by a cumulative 0.1% per second while you are offline by at least 1 minute. The value is preserved when you come back online, and persists through abdications.
  • Challenge Reward: Increase Combo Strike counter based on the amount of spells cast in this game, excluding Tax Collection.
    New Combo Strike Counter Formula: C - Ctax, where C is your Spells Cast (This Game) stat and Ctax is your Tax Collection Cast This Game.

Tier 1 Upgrades Edit

Name Cost Effect
Drow Drow Trade Treaty 3000 Drow Coins Unlocks Drow Upgrades.
Underworld-Tyranny-drow-faction-upgrade Underworld Tyranny 5 Qad
Increase the production of all buildings based on your total time spent being Evil.
Formula: (15*x)0.7%, where x is your Time Spent Being Evil (Total) stat in hours.
Honor-Among-Killers-drow-faction-upgrade Honor Among Killers 50 Qad
Increase Faction Coin find chance based on the amount of assistants you own.
Formula: floor(3 * x0.9), where x is your Assistants stat.
Shadow-Advance-drow-faction-upgrade Shadow Advance 500 Qad
Increase the production of all buildings by 750% while you have no spells active. Also increase Offline production by the same amount.

Tier 2 Upgrades Edit

Name Cost Effect
Drow-Friendship-Pact drow-Faction upgrade Drow Friendship Pact 12000 Drow Coins Unlocks more Drow Upgrades.
Drow-faction-upgrade-21 Mana Addicts 50 Qid
Mana regeneration increases over time.

Formula: floor(2.5 * x0.55) / 10, where x is your Play Time (This Game) stat in seconds.

Drow-faction-upgrade-22 Blood Sacrifices 500 Qid
Increase the production of all buildings by 2.5% per Dark Temple you own.
Drow-faction-upgrade-23 Blackmail 5 Sxd
Reduce the cost multiplier for Royal Exchanges.

Reduces cost multiplier by 0.025; with no other reductions applying, the multiplier will be 1.075 instead of 1.1.

Tier 3 UpgradesEdit

Name Cost Effect
Drow Alliance Drow Alliance 30000 Drow Coins Unlocks more Drow Upgrades.
Spider gods-drow-faction-upgrade Spider Gods 500 Sxd
Increase the production of Dark Temples by 5% for each other building you own.
Professional assasins-drow-faction-upgrade Professional Assassins 5 Spd
Increase the production of assistants based on the amount of royal exchanges you purchased in this game.
Formula: round(10 * x0.8)%, where x is your Royal Exchanges Made stat.
Blade dance-drow-faction-upgrade Blade Dance 50 Spd
Part (30 percent) of the Combo Strike chain bonus is applied passively.

Faction Unlock Requirements Edit

Below requirements can be done in separate game plays.

Drow Faction Unlock Requirements
Name Cost Requirement Description
PassageToTheUnderWorld Passage to the Underworld 50 Qid (5E49) 200 Excavations Unlocks Prestige Quests

Only need to be bought once and do not count towards the 'Bought Upgrades' stats.

CloakyShadyFigure Cloaked Shady
Figure's Quest
10 Qad (1E46),
10K Goblin Coins,
10K Undead Coins,
10K Demon Coins
Play an Evil Alignment and build 650 Dark Temples. Have 325 trophies and
10,000 spells casts (Total)
Unlocks Underworld Diplomacy

Only need to be done once and do not count towards the 'Bought Upgrades' stats.

UnderworldDiplomacy-upgrade Underworld Diplomacy 1 Qad (1E45) Cloaked Shady
Figure's Quest
Unlocks Prestige Faction Coins, Trade Treaty, Royal Exchanges and Heritage

Required each run until R3

Drow Unique Building Edit

Drow Unique Building Design
At R28, Drow's Dark Temples can be upgraded to a Unique Building: Spider Sanctuary, which is required for some challenges and research quests.

Drow Research Edit

Upon reaching R29, the game advisor tells us that the Prestige factions have discovered an almost infinite source of magical power: Prestige Research.

Drow Research enables to combine both unique buildings and researches from both the Vanilla and Drow factions.

All the items below Only need to be bought once and do not count towards the 'Bought Upgrades' stat, except for the Spider Sanctuary unique building upgrade.

Drow Research Unlock Requirements
Name Cost Requirements & Unlocks
DrowResearchQuest Spider Sanctuary Quest 10 Sxg (1E184) Requirements: R28 + 3333 Dark Temples.

Unlocks Spider Sanctuary upgrade

Spider Sanctuary icon Spider Sanctuary 10 USxg (1E187) Requirement: Spider Sanctuary Quest
Unlocks Drow Unique Buildings.
Required to be bought each Drow research run.
Artifact-earthcore Earth Core Artifact Requirements: R29 + 2750th Excavation
Unlocks The Secrets of the Underworld upgrade.
Secrets Of the Underworld Secrets of the Underworld 100 QiSxg (1E200),
10 M (1E7) FC of each
Requirements: Prestige Unique Building, Earth Core Artifact.
Unlocks Researches for Dwarves and Drow and provides a bonus for individual research branches.
Drow Research Upgrade
Name Cost Requirement Effect
FlameOfBondelnarUPgrade Dark Light of Bondelnar 10 SxSpg (1E232),
100 M (1E8) Drow Coins
Find the Flame of Bondelnar artifact
(Requires Spider Sanctuaries and 3250 Excavations - See Artifact Tips)
Adds 3 extra Drow research slots: 2 for Warfare and 1 to the faction's facility you are playing.
Required to be bought each run.

To Unlock Prestige Research:

  1. Uncover the Earth Core Artifact with any Faction, and gather enough gems to be able to buy the Secrets of the Underworld (100 QiSxg (1E200) coins and 10 M (1E7) FCs)
  2. When ready, play a Vanilla faction (Good Faction for Dwarf, Evil for Drow). Choose one that will be able to afford the Secrets of the Underworld. Do not buy the Vanilla faction's Unique building upgrade until you have bought the prestige Trade Treaty.
  3. Once affiliated with the prestige faction, buy their Unique building quest, Unique Building upgrade, and then the Secrets of the Underworld. With the latter, the research button and prestige research will show up.

After you have unlocked Prestige research, the Vanilla unique building and Vanilla researches can be acquired before purchasing the prestige trade treaty. Plan in advance to not use up all your RUS on Vanilla researches, as prestige researches only show up after you affiliate with a prestige faction.

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