This is an archive of the events from 2015.

Christmas Event (21 Dec 2015 - 5 Jan 2016) Edit

Event Theme: Snowballs (image). They will appear on a random location of the game screen and you simply have to click to collect them, then wait for another Snowball to appear. Or, you can let them grow bigger over time if you are idle or offline – up to a maximum size of 360 Snowballs! (later updated to 1000)

During the Event, Players will also receive a daily Christmas Present. (Requires to go online to be retrieved.)

Name Kind Unlock / Price Effect
Avalanche-up Avalanche Upgrade Price: 5000 Snowballs Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of snowballs collected.
Persists through Reincarnations.
Snowman Assistant Upgrade Price: 1000 Snowballs Automatically produces and collects 1 Snowball every 3 min.
Persists through Reincarnations.
Christmas-snowpile-quest Snowpile 4 Quest Series Collect 1000, 5000, 12000 and 25000 Snowballs. Full Series Event Bonus: 7%
Christmas-event-gift-collector Gift Collector 4 Quest Series Find 1, 4, 8 and 13 Presents. Full Series Event Bonus: 7%
Santas-helpers-xmas-feat1 Santa's Helpers Feat Play as Elves during the Christmas season, and get at least 50 assistants. -
Unholidays-xmas-feat2 Unholidays Feat Ally with the Undead during the Christmas season. -
Rubysnowballs Shop Item 10 Rubies "An adventurer wants to sell you 1000 snowballs for 10 Rubies. He will offer you a new deal if you accept."Buy increasing amounts of Snowballs for Rubies.
  • Scrying for snowballs (allowed 6 times per day): Gain 10 additional snowballs (image)
  • The daily Christmas presents contained alternatively 200 Snowballs and 1 Ruby.
    • Christmas Eve: 500 Snowballs;
    • Christmas day and New Year's day: 3 Rubies.

Event announcement source post

Total cumulative and permanent Quest Bonus at the end of the Event: 14%

Thanksgiving Event (26 - 30 Nov) Edit

Name Kind Unlock / Price Effect
Thanksgiving upgrade icon Thanksgiving Feat Play during Thanksgiving Increase the production of all buildings by 25% for the duration of the Thanksgiving season.
Note: This was the 1st time Realm Grinder had an Event. The Feats not giving any bonus must have not been decided then.

Event announcement source post

No cumulative and permanent quest bonus.

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