Fortune Teller Machine is an artifact that rotates 23 different descriptions every 30 seconds. These descriptions seem to be all game quotes, some which are references to other sources. Below references have not been officially confirmed.

Unlock Requirement Edit

  • Excavate while not being allied to any faction (Being aligned is OK). - Excavation chance: 0.1%

Descriptions & References Edit

  1. A promise is a promise. (Many sources, Pokemon?)
  2. Be careful of forgetfulness. Your Lucky color is... blue? (FF VII, Cait Sith)
  3. Nothing happens by chance. (? ref Richard Bach)
  4. Not even the greatest Realm lasts forever.
  5. Time is money, friend. (WoW, male Goblin quote)
  6. Never say Ni! (WoW, ref. Monty Pythons)
  7. What is this to you? A game?
  8. There's always a bigger fish. ([Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace]?)
  9. Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. (Star Craft Overmind
  10. Give up now. (League of Legends, Veigar)
  11. The wandering soul knows no rest. (FF VII Loveless poem Act1)
  12. A devilish star gazes upon your future. Is this good or a bad sign...? (FFVII, Cait Sith)
  13. Ride on the wings of justice! (Star Craft)
  14. Remember to eat healthy meals plenty.
  15. Ask again.
  16. Hey! We meet again! (GodEater, Shio?)
  17. When life gives you lemons, Reincarnate! (probably about this game)
  18. The drums of war thunder once again. ( Maiev Shadowsong, WoW opening cinematic)
  19. The greatest risk is not taking one. (Pokemon, ref real fortune cookie)
  20. Protect the world from devastation! (Pokemon, Jessie)
  21. Your good nature will bring you unbounded happiness (?, ref real fortune cookie).
  22. The black wind howls... (Chrono Trigger, Magus)
  23. If everything's a dream, don't wake up. (FFVII, Cloud Strife)

Notes Edit

Fortune Teller messages were also mentioned by Audaces in the Kongregate forums here, and his quotes were taken from G00F's not a wiki.