Hellfire Blast
Mana Cost 1000
Faction Demon
Effect Increase the production of Evil Fortresses and Hell Portals ? based on the amount of trophies.
Spell UpgradeAlso boosts Halls of Legends.
Challenge RewardReduces mana cost. (floor(0.25 * x), x is trophies unlocked)
Duration20 seconds
Formula(round(200 * x0.8))%, x is trophies unlocked

Hellfire Blast is Demon's spell that increases the production of the two highest tier evil buildings. With the faction upgrade or spell upgrade bought, it also increases the production of the highest tier building, Hall of Legends.

Spell Tiers Edit

Five additional casts for Hellfire Blast can be unlocked, up to tier 6. Buying the spell tier upgrade costs coins and Demon Faction Coins. Their cost are as following:

Modifiers Edit

Hellfire Blast effect is modified in the following ways:

  • Research A25 (Alchemy Research "Deflagration")
Name Cost Effect
Demon-faction-upgrade-33 Very Bad Guys 500 Qa
Let Blood Frenzy target Hall of Legends and increase the production of Halls of Legends by +0.05% per trophy for each Evil Fortress and Hell Portal you own.
Challenge Rewards
Faction Tier Name Effect About For
Goblin 2 Elite Warriors 10% of your purchased upgrades are added to your total trophy count towards Hellfire Blast and Hall of Legends purposes. Trophies Demon

Sources Edit

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