Lightning Strike
Mana Cost 900
Faction Titan
Effect The production of a random building is multiplied by 300% for each Iron Stronghold ?. Also grants Faction Coins depending on your current amount of gems.
Spell UpgradeIncrease multiplier to 5x Iron Strongholds.
Challenge RewardGrants more Faction Coins. (round(x^0.8)%, x is current chance to find Faction Coins.)
Duration20 seconds

Lightning Strike is the Titan Faction spell. A random building is targeted and its production is boosted hugely based on the amount of Iron Strongholds owned. Due to its inconsistent nature, a lot of useless hits may incur, causing longer run times. To allow for planning, it is very important that you forecast future hits based on your seed with Realm Weather Service.

Spell Tiers Edit

Five additional casts for Lightning Strike can be unlocked, up to tier 6. Buying the spell tier upgrade costs coins, Angel and Goblin Faction Coins. Their cost are as following:

Every tier counts for Iron Strongholds 50% more for the spell bonus.

Modifiers Edit

Lightning Strike effect is modified in the following ways:

  • Research C375 (Craftsmanship Research "Lightning Rod")

Sources Edit

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