Mercenary Faction Building
In-game description:
"When a mercenary crosses your path, there's only one thing that can save your life: offer him more money than he can get by killing you. If you gain the favor of the mercenaries, you will be able to combine the power of all races at once."

The Mercenary Faction Edit

Mercerairy spell choice

The Mercenaries were implemented in the After Life expansion (v1.3), and differ from the other factions: Unlocked at R3, they are available in all alignments, and can combine the power of all the other unlocked factions by letting you choose 2 spells and 3x4 faction upgrades. This enables you to create powerful cross-faction mercenary builds.

  • Alignment: Any
  • Faction Spell: Custom (depending on alignment[1])
  • Heritage: Mercenary Badge - Increase the production of all buildings based on the highest amount of coins you gained in a single game.
    Formula: floor(5 * log(1 + x)), where x is your Coins Gained (Max) stat.
  • Bloodline: None - See Bloodstream
  • Challenge: None
  • Research: R75
  • Faction Unlock Requirements: R3 + see below

Mercenary Tier Upgrades Edit

The Tier upgrades enable to choose from the all the existing faction upgrades. These cost coins and Faction Coins. The FC type necessary depends on your selection: For a Fairy upgrade, it will cost Fairy coins; for Elven upgrade, it will cost Elven coins; and so forth.

Tier 1 Upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Merc Mercenary
First Contract
50 Spd (5E55) Unlocks Tier 1 Upgrades.
Mecenary magic1 upgrade Mercenary
Magic Contract
50 Ocd (5E58),
1,000 FC
Pick an available Spell from any faction.

The choice depends on the alignment you have chosen.

Mecenary11 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 1
1,500 FC Pick an available Tier 1 Upgrade from existing factions.

The choice can depend on the alignment and spells you have chosen[1].

Mecenary12 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 2
3,000 FC
Mecenary13 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 3
4,500 FC
Mecenary14 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 4
6,000 FC
Tier 2 Upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Mercenarysecondcontract Mercenary
Second Contract
25 Vg (2.5E64) Unlock Tier 2 upgrades.
Holycrusaders mecenary upgrade Holy Crusaders
(For Good Alignments)
25 Uvg (2.5E67) You gain additional Crusader Assistants based on the amount of spells cast in this game. Increase clicking reward by 1000% for each active spell.
Formula: floor((sqrt(1 + 0.8 * x) - 1) / 2), where x is your Spells Cast (This Game) stat.
Heresiarchs mecenary upgrade Heresiarchs
(For Evil Alignments)
25 Uvg (2.5E67) Increase the production of Evil buildings based on your most built Evil building.
Formula: round(1.5 * x0.8)%, where x is the number of the most-built evil building you own.
TradeLords mecenary upgrade Trade Lords
(For Neutral Alignments)
25 Uvg (2.5E67) When assistants finds a faction coin, they also find a faction coin for every other faction. Increase mana regeneration based on faction coins gained in this game.
Formula: floor(10 * log(1 + x1.5)) / 10, where x is your Faction Coins Gained (This Game) stat.
Mecenary21 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 5
3,000 FC Pick an available Tier 2 Upgrade from existing factions.

The choice can depend on the alignment and spells you have chosen[1].

Mecenary22 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 6
6,000 FC

Mecenary23 faction-upgrade

Upgrade 7
10,500 FC

Mecenary24 faction-upgrade

Upgrade 8
13,500 FC
Tier 3 Upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Mercenarythirdcontract Mercenary
Third Contract
5 Tvg (5E72) Unlock Tier 3 upgrades.
Mecenary magic2 upgrade Mercenary
Sorcery Contract
5 Qavg (5E75), 25,000 FC You can purchase a spell from any faction. You will not be able to change it during the current run.

The choice will depend on the alignment you have chosen.

Mecenary31 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 9
4,500 FC Pick an available Tier 3 Upgrade from existing factions.

The choice can depend on the alignment and spells you have chosen[1].

Mecenary32 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 10
10,500 FC
Mecenary33 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 11
16,500 FC
Mecenary34 faction-upgrade Mercenary
Upgrade 12
22,500 FC

Unlock Requirements Edit

Unlocking the Mercenaries requires 3 reincarnations and can be done in different game plays.

Mercenary Unlock Requirements
Upgrade Cost In Game description
MercTribute Mercenary Tribute At least:

(Price rises with time and is reset at Abdications.)

Pay the mercenaries a tribute to unlock their powers. Be quick though, the price increases over time!
MercOath Mercenary Oath 1 Tvg (1E72) Coins. By reciting the Oath of the Mercenaries you will be able to join mercenaries for the rest of your existence. Not even Reincarnations will strip you of this right. You will be able to take any alignment and become a Good, Neutral or Evil mercenary, therefore determining your building set, and from there on you will be able to take any spell or ability from any other faction.

Unlocking The Mercenaries:

The cost of the "Mercenary Tribute" rises very quickly and gets reset at abdications. Aim for a run where you can quickly gain enough FCs to buy it before it gets too expensive. Do it when you have enough gems to afford ~100 or more excavations. Suggested faction to do this is Titans with at least 1 No (1E30) gems - and make save files before in case you want to start over and get your excavations back.

After purchasing the "Mercenary Tribute", the "Mercenary Oath" will become available. It will show up in this run, but you must buy it before abdicateing or you will have to buy the tribute again.

Once it is purchased, you have unlocked the mercenaries and their trade treaty, the "Mercenary First Contact", will show up in all your future games, alongside other Faction Trade Treaties of the same alignment.

See also "Unlocking Mercenaries" in why_amihere's guide.

Joining the Mercenaries for the first time will grant the Mercenary Oath Secret Trophy. (You will need at least 1 No (1E30) gems to do this, and to not join any other faction!)

Other Upgrades Edit

Following are upgrades rewarded from Secret Trophies carrying the same name.

Other Mercenary Upgrades
Name Requirement Cost Effect
Mercenary Spirit Mercenary Spirit Reincarnate while playing as a Mercenary 1 Ocd (1E57) Increase the production of all buildings by 15% per reincarnation.
Harlequin Harlequin As a Mercenary, purchase upgrades from 11 different factions in one run. (See Joker merc Build) 5 Qivg (5E78) Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of different factions involved in your mercenary upgrades.
Formula: x3%, where x is the number of different factions you've bought upgrades from.
Lucifer Lucifer As a Good Mercenary, purchase only Evil mercenary faction upgrades or vice versa. 50 Vg (5E64) Increase the production of all non-neutral mercenary buildings by 300%
Norecruit No Recruiting Reach 1 Novg (1E90) gems in a Reincarnation without ever affiliating with the Mercenaries 1 Tg (1E93) Increase Mercenary production by 1% per Reincarnation
KnowYourEnemyPart1 Know Your Enemy, Part I Find Know Your Enemy, Part I Artifact - which requires R12, to play as Mercenaries, and have upgrades from 11 different factions.

Excavation chance: 10%

100 Vg


Increases the production of all buildings based on time spent as Non-Mercenary. ("Time allied with..." in the stats)

Formula: (0.5 * x0.75)%, where x is amount of time spent as non-mercenary factions (in seconds).

Helden Sterben Nicht
Helden Sterben Nicht Join Mercenaries, then Undead, then Angels within 15 minutes since the beginning of a new run in a single game session. 5 Qavg


Increase the mana regeneration and maximum mana by 10%.

Fun Fact Edit

Divine Games had planned a kind of Mercenary Tax, payable at regular intervals in mana or gold. This was visible in the game code but wasn't implemented - and hopefully, never will be!

See Also Edit

References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 The Hellfire Blast and Lighting Strike spells are based on aligned buildings. As such, they are only available when you have those buildings. Same goes for upgrades based on aligned items.

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