Night Time
Mana Cost 1000
Faction Undead
Effect The production of assistants is increased by 30% per Necropolis ? you own.
Spell UpgradeIncreases the production of assistants to 40% per Necropolis.
Challenge RewardIncrease assistant bonus. (0.2 * x0.7%, where x is total time spent offline)
Duration20 seconds

Night Time is the Undead Faction spell that increases assistants production based on Necropolis owned massively. It is the primary income for Undead. Like many of the Undead Faction upgrades, it becomes more powerful the more time you have spent offline based on its challenge clear reward. However, it is not strong enough to outperform its alternatives, and is usually used because of Undead Lineage Perk 2.

Spell Tiers Edit

Five additional casts for Night Time can be unlocked, up to tier 6. Buying the spell tier upgrade costs coins and Undead Faction Coins. Their cost are as following:

Sources Edit

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