Among users who chat while they are grinding, it is a common occurrence to describe one's progress within the game. The Progress Description Spec is a shorthand method for briefly communicating about user progress through text chat.


In a chat window, for quick and clear understanding, you commonly want to describe your:

  1. Reincarnation (abbreviated: r)
  2. Gems (abbreviated: e)
  3. Excavations (abbreviated: x)

You describe your progress by typing a sequence like r00-e00-x000. It's just quicker than how it works currently, in which it usually takes a couple of questions to elicit the very same information.


If you are at reincarnation 18 with 1e42 gems and 102 excavations, write :


About: {language: YAML, name: Realm Grinder Progress Description Spec, version: 1}
  Components: {excavations: x(\d+), gems: e(\d+), reincarnation: r(\d+)}
  Delimiter: '-'
  Validation: r(\d+)-e(\d+)-x(\d+)
Usage:{example: r18-e42-x102
Meaning: reincarnation 18 - 1e42 gems - 102 excavations}