Spells are an active component of the game mechanics that enables to boost production and cost mana.

Their duration, resource gain, mana-cost, and mana regeneration speed can be altered by getting specific Faction, Heritage, Challenge, or Research upgrades. Different aspects of the spells can also be used in other upgrades (eg: while a spell is active, the number of spell casts, based on mana produced, etc.).

Spells are not cast while offline, but purchasing the autocasting upgrades allow "Mana produced (This game)", the "Spells casted (This game)" and spell activity time stats to keep growing while offline, at a vastly reduced rate.

The trick to use spells efficiently relies on finding the best setup: Which spell combination to cast, at what timing, with which automatic-casting tool, and where to set the contingency arrow. Like for upgrades, these choices can make a crucial difference for your game progress.

In Realm Grinder, the spells can be classified in three types:

  • Default spells - which are always available.
  • Aligned spells - which appear when the player chooses an alignment.
  • Faction spells - which appear when the player allies with a Faction.

These terms are mostly used for perk description purposes.

The Spells Edit

The Spells
Name For Mana Seconds Effects Undo sort:
Tax Collection All 200 0 1Instantly gain 30 seconds worth of coin production from buildings and assistants.
Call to Arms All 400 20 2Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of buildings you own.
Formula: (0.3*x)0.975%, where x is your Buildings Owned (This Game) stat.
Spiritual Surge All (R14) 2500 20 3Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of times you reincarnated.
Formula: 10000 * 1.05x%, where x is the number of times you have reincarnated.
Alignment spells
Holy Light Good 900 10 5Increase clicking reward by 2500%
Blood Frenzy Evil 600 20 6Increases the production of all Evil buildings by 1000%.
Gem Grinder Neutral 1000 20 7Multiply production bonus from gems by x50
Faction spells
Fairy Chanting Fairy 1000 10 9Increase the production of Farms, Inns and Blacksmiths by 50'000%
Moon Blessing Elf 700 20 10Increase the production of all buildings based on Treasure Clicks (Total).
Formula: 1.75 * ln3.1(1 + x)%, where x is your Treasure Clicks (Total) stat.
God's Hand Angel 900 20 11Increase the production of all buildings by 150x your mana regeneration rate.
Goblin's Greed Goblin 800



(10 with challenge reward)

12Instantly produces Faction Coins based on the amount of Gems you own. Also increases the production of all buildings based on the amount of Faction Coins found in this game for 10 seconds.

FC Formula: floor(ln3(1 + x) + 20, where x is your current gems (Update May 30, 2017).
Production Formula: 0.75 * ln3.15(1 + x)%, where x is your Faction Coins Gained (This Game) stat.

Night Time Undead 1000 20 13The production of assistants is increased by 30% per Necropolis you own.
Hellfire Blast Demon 1000

(variable with challenge upgrade)

20 14Increase the production of Evil Fortresses and Hell Portals based on the amount of trophies.
Formula: (round(200 * x0.8))%, where x is your Trophies Unlocked stat.
Lightning Strike Titan 900 20 15The production of a random building is multiplied by 300% for each Iron Stronghold. Also grants Faction Coins depending on your current amount of gems.
Formula: round(1.5*ln(1+x)3), where x is your current gems.
Grand Balance Druid 1000 (800) 20

(24 with spell upgrade)

16Increase the production of your least productive building based on the amount of the three most built ones.

Formula: round(0.25 * (x * y * z / 729) 0.9) where x, y, and z are the number of your three most-built buildings.

Brainwave Faceless 600 600 17Increase production of all buildings by a cumulative 2% per second.
Diamond Pickaxe Dwarf 1000 12

(20 with challenge upgrade)

18Increase clicking reward by 25% per Excavation you made and increase your Faction Coin find chance by 200%.
Combo Strike Drow 800 20 19Increase the production of all buildings by a progressively higher value as you continue casting this spell (This game).
Formula: 30*(x^0.9)%, where x is the number of times you have cast Combo Strike (This game).
Combo Strike Bonuses
Casts Regular Perfect Combos
100 1893% 2524%
200 3532% 4710%
300 5088% 6784%
400 6591% 8788%
500 8057% 10743%
600 9494% 12659%
700 10907% 14543%
800 12300% 16400%
900 13675% 18234%
1000 15036% 20047%
2000 28057% 37410%
3000 40414% 53885%
4000 52357% 69809%
5000 64002% 85336%
6000 75415% 100553%
7000 86638% 115518%
Dragon's Breath Dragon 1500 20 19Activates one of the following effects at random for 20 seconds. (Spell is only for R46+)
Dragon's Breath Effects
Color Effect
RED Increase the production of unique buildings based on the amount of Faction Coins found in this game.
GREEN Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of spells cast in this game. (Higher bonuses are provided to lower building tiers.)

Formula: (0.01 * x0.625 * (T-1)5)%, where x is spells cast (This Game) and T is the building tier. (11 for farms, 1 for HoL).

BLUE Increase your mana regeneration by 200%.
WHITE Temporarily increase the amount of assistants based on total time spent being neutral.
BLACK Increase the production all buildings based on Dragon's Breath activity time (This Game).

Spell Upgrades Edit

Starting from R0, these spell upgrades are obtained by unlocking the spell's trophy.

Spell Upgrades
Name Cost Requirements Effects
Coin Pillage Coin Pillage 1 Dc (1E33) Cast 30 Tax Collection in less than 5 seconds. Tax Collection also finds 30 seconds worth of Faction Coins.
Fairy Choir Fairy Choir 1 M (1E6) Cast Fairy Chanting while having 45 or more assistants. Fairy Chanting triples your assistants for its duration.
Sun Blessing Sun Blessing 1 M (1E6) Cast the Elven spell Moon Blessing between 6 am and 12 pm (noon) The treasure is autoclicked 15 times per second while Moon Blessing is active.
God's Rest God's Rest 1 M (1E6) Cast Angel's God's Hand on a Sunday. While this spell is active, you will find random Faction Coins based on your mana regen each time you cast an other spell
Greed Drive Greed Drive 1 M (1E6) Cast 100 Goblin's Greed spells in a row. The chain is interrupted by casting other spells. Goblin's Greed costs 150 less mana.
True Night True Night 1 M (1E6) Cast Undead's Night Time spell between 11 pm and 6 am. Increase Night Time boost to assistants production to 40% per Necropolis.
Hell-rush-spell-upgrade Hell Rush 1 M (1E6) Cast Demon's Hellfire Blast spell in the first 60 seconds of playtime. Hellfire Blast also boosts Hall of Legends.
Lightning Storm Lightning Storm 10 Dd (1E40) Cast 100 Titan's Lightning Strike spell in a single game Increase Lightning Strike multiplier to 5x Iron Strongholds.
Halls Of Balance Halls of Balance 10 Dd (1E40) Have Druid's Grand Balance spell affect Hall of Legends. Increase Grand Balance duration to 24 seconds and lower its cost by 200.
Faceless-Overmind-spell-upgrade Faceless Overmind 10 Dd (1E40) Affiliate with the Faceless 5 times in a row. Increase Brainwave ticks to 3% per second.
Minedwarf Minedwarf 100 Sxd (1E53) Find 30,000 faction coins from the Dwarf spell Diamond Pickaxe in a single game. Increase Diamond Pickaxe bonus to Faction Coin find chance to 300%
Perfect Combo Perfect Combo 100 Sxd (1E53) Cast 100 Drow's Combo Strike spell in a row. The chain is interrupted by casting other spells. Increase Combo Strike bonus.
Formula: 40*(x^0.9)%, where x is the number of times you have cast Combo Strike.
DragonSpellUpgrade Dragon's Roar 1 Qad (1E45) R46+ Cast Dragon's Breath while having at least 4 other active spells. Dragon's Breath also produces Faction Coins based on its activity time.

Challenge Spell Upgrades Edit

From R2 to R33, Challenge Spell Upgrades are given on completion of all Tier challenges of a Faction. Once obtained, and the active Faction's default spell upgrade is bought, they will be turned on by default.

Challenge Spell Upgrades
Name Faction Upgrade Effect
Challenge-Fairy-Orchestra Fairy Orchestra Fairy Each assistant generates 3 times as many faction coins while Fairy Chanting is active.
Challenge-Star-Blessing Star Blessing Elf Automatic clicks from Sun Blessing have an additional 5% chance to trigger Elven Luck, gaining coins equal to 250,000% of the production of all buildings and the production of 1 assistant and generating 200 random faction coins.
Challenge-Gods-Throne God's Throne Angel Mana regeneration is increased by 20% while God's Hand is active.
Challenge-Avarice-Drive Avarice Drive Goblin Increase Goblin's Greed duration by 5 seconds.
Challenge-Midnight-Time Midnight Time Undead Increase Night Time assistant bonus based on total time spent offline.
Formula: 0.2 * x0.7%, where x is your Time Spent Offline (Total) stat in seconds.
Challenge-Hellfire-Burst Hellfire Burst Demon Reduces Hellfire Blast mana cost based on of the amount of trophies you have unlocked.
Formula: floor(0.25 * x), where x is the amount of trophies unlocked.
Challenge-Thunderstorm Thunderstorm Titan Lightning Strike now grants more faction coins based on your faction coin find chance.
Formula: round(x0.8)%, where x is your current chance to find Faction Coins.
Challenge-Primal-Balance Primal Balance Druid Grand Balance now affects extra buildings based on total mana spent.
Formula: floor (x0.2 / 10), where x is your Mana Produced (Total) stat.
Buildings Affected Mana Produced (Total)
1 0 0
2 100 K 1E5
3 3.2 M 3.2E6
4 24.3 M 2.43E7
5 102.4 M 1.024E8
6 312.5 M 3.125E8
7 777.6 M 7.776E8
8 1.681 B 1.681E9
9 3.277 B 3.277E9
10 5.905 B 5.905E9
11 10 B 1E10
Challenge-Focused-Thoughts Focused Thoughts Faceless Give Brainwave a headstart based on its activity time in this game, with a minimum of 1 minute, then grows up to maximum duration.
+1 second per 5 minutes Active Time (This Game).
Challenge-Iron-Grip Iron Grip Dwarf Increase Diamond Pickaxe duration by 8 seconds, and its bonus to Faction Coin find chance is passively applied as a multiplier to excavations Faction Coin rewards.
Challenge-Versatile-Combo Versatile Combo Drow Increase Combo Strike counter based on the amount of spells cast in this game, not including Tax Collection.
New Combo Strike Counter Formula: C - Ctax, where C is your Spells Cast (This Game) stat and Ctax is your Tax Collection Cast This Game.
PrismaticBreath Prismatic Breath Dragon While all 5 breaths are active, Reincarnations count double for all purposes.

Tier Spell Upgrades (R42+) Edit

From R42, for each spell besides tax collection, 6 tier spell upgrades becomes available. Each tier gives 1 additional spell cast, and with all tiers combined, allows to cast one spell up to 6 times simultaneously. Each Tier will require double the amount of mana as the previous one[1], and they do not seem to affect spell activity time, neither online nor offline.
Tier upgrade names starts with the default spell's name followed by the tier number, starting from 2 to 6. (e.g.: Holy Light 2, Holy Light 3, etc.)

Once tier spell upgrades are bought, you will need to use the Tiered Autocasting to set the amount of tier casts you wish, or else the spells will remain at tier 1.

Note: you only need to unlock the tiers for each spell once, but you need to buy the tiers with coins/FC at every abdication. Also note that what counts for unlocking a tier is the total time (i.e, you need roughly 15 days to unlock tiers 1-6, as opposed to 15 days of spell activity after unlocking tier 5 in order to unlock tier 6), so it's more beneficial to unlock a spell up to tier 6 whenever possible.

Unlock & Cost Formulas [2]
Unlocking Tier Spell upgrades requires spell activity time (Active Time Total in the spell tool-tips).

  • Spell Active Time for tier n + 1: Formula: 43200 * {(n + 1)^2 – (n + 1)} * 0.98^{R – (n + 1) – 42} seconds

Their cost is in Coins, and Faction Coins (except for Call to arms which only costs coins).

  • Diamond Coins for tier n + 1: Formula: x^{1 + 0.25 * (n - 1)}
  • Faction Coins for tier n + 1: Formula: x^{1 + 0.15 * (n - 1)}

x is Costs (see below table).
R is your Reincarnation count.
n + 1 is number of tier upgrades.

Coin & Faction Coin Costs
Spells Tier Coins Faction Coin Amount
Default Spell
(Call to Arms)
2 51 Sxd (5.1E52) -
3 766.4 Vg (7.664E65) -
4 11.52 Qivg (1.152E79) -
5 173.1 Novg (1.731E92) -
6 2.601 Qatg (2.601E105) -
Spiritual Surge 2 66 Uvg (6.6E67) 10 T (1E13)
3 5.949 Spvg (5.949E84) 893.1 T (8.931E14)
4 536.1 Dtg (5.361E101) 79.43 Qa (7.943E16)
5 48.32 Octg (4.832E118) 7.079 Qi (7.079E18)
6 4.356 Qaqag (4.356E135) 631 Qi (6.31E20)
Vanilla Alignment
(Holy Light, Blood Frenzy)
2 54 Spd (5.4E55) 1 B (1E9)
3 4.629 Dvg (4.629E69) 22.39 B (2.239E10)
4 396.8 Sxvg (3.968E83) 501.2 B (5.012E11)
5 34.01 Utg (3.401E97) 11.22 T (1.122E13)
6 2.916 Sxtg (2.916E111) 10 Qa (1E16)
Neutral Alignment
(Gem Grinder)
2 60 Nod (6E61) 5 B (5E9)
3 166.9 Qavg (1.669E77) 142.5 B (1.425E11)
4 464.7 Novg (4.647E92) 4.061 T (4.061E12)
5 1.293 Qitg (1.293E108) 115.7 T (1.157E14)
6 3 Qag (3.6E123) 3.299 Qa (3.299E15)
Vanilla Faction
(Fairy Chanting, Moon Blessing,
Goblin's Greed etc.)
2 54 Spd (5.4E55) 10 B (1E10)
3 4.629 Dvg (4.629E69) 316.2 B (3.162E11)
4 396.8 Sxvg (3.968E83) 10 T (1E13)
5 34.01 Utg (3.401E97) 316.2 T (3.162E14)
6 2.916 Sxtg (2.916E111) 10 Qa (1E16)
Neutral Faction
(Lightning Strike,
Grand Balance, Brainwave)
2 57 Ocd (5.7E58) 50 B (5E10)
3 27.85 Tvg (2.785E73) 2.013 T (2.013E12)
4 13.60 Ocvg (1.360E88) 81.03 T (8.103E13)
5 6.649 Ttg (6.649E102) 3.262 Qa (3.262E15)
6 3.249 Octg (3.249E117) 131.3 Qa (1.313E17)
Prestige Faction
(Diamond Pickaxe, Combo Strike)
2 63 Vg (6.3E64) 1 T (1E12)
3 998.1 Qivg (9.981E80) 63 T (6.31E13)
4 15.81 Utg (1.581E97) 3.981 Qa (3.981E15)
5 250.5 Sxtg (2.505E113) 251.2 Qa (2.512E17)
6 3.969 Dqag (3.969E129) 15.85 Qi (1.585E19)
Neutral Prestige Faction
(Dragon's Breath)
2 69 Dvg (6.9E70) 1 Qa (1E15)
3 35.36 Ocvg (3.536E88) 177.8 Qa (1.778E17)
4 18.12 Qatg (1.812E106) 31.62 Qi (3.162E19)
5 9.289 Qag (9.289E123) 5.623 Sx (5.623E21)
6 4.761 Sxqag (4.761E141) 1 Sp (1E24)
Effects & Faction Coin Types
Each tier spell upgrade enables:

  • 1 additional spell cast
  • Also increases offline production based on both your mana regen and maximum mana (formula?)
  • plus the individual effects below:
Name Additional Effects Faction Coin Types
Calltoarms2 Call to Arms - -
Spiritual Surge tier Spiritual Surge - Fairy, Elven, Angel, Goblin, Undead, Demon, Dwarven, Drow
Holy Light tier Holy Light - Fairy, Elven, Angel, Dwarf
Bloodfrenzy2 Blood Frenzy - Goblin, Undead, Demon, Drow
Gem Grinder tier Gem Grinder - Fairy, Elven, Angel, Goblin, Undead, Demon, Dwarven, Drow
Fairy Chanting tier Fairy Chanting Increases the duration of the spell by 10 seconds per tier. Fairy
Moon Blessing tier Moon Blessing Moon Blessing will increase click reward by an additional 35.6% per tier. Elven
Gods Hand tier God's Hand - Angel
Goblinsgreed2 Goblin's Greed - Goblin
Night Time tier Night Time - Undead
Hellfire Blast tier Hellfire Blast - Demon
LightningStrike2 Lightning Strike Iron Strongholds count for 50% more per tier for the spell bonus. Angel, Goblin
Grand Balance tier Grand Balance - Elven, Demon
Brainwave tier Brainwave Brainwave headstarts for an additional 10 minutes per tier. Fairy, Undead
Diamond Pickaxe tier Diamond Pickaxe Increases FC find chance. Dwarf
Combo strike tier upgrade Combo Strike The Combo Strike counter is increased more per tier. Drow
DragonSpellTier Dragon's Breath Each tier gives an other random effect per cast. Tier 5 will trigger all the effects simultaneously. Tier 6 will trigger one of the spells cast twice. Dwarf, Drow
Unlock Spell Active Time (Total) Per R# & Tier (D:H:M) [3]
R# Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
42 1:00:593:04:296:12:0711:01:3016:22:23
43 1:00:293:02:586:08:5910:20:1116:14:15
44 1:00:003:01:286:05:5910:14:5916:06:17
45 23:313:00:006:02:5610:09:5315:22:29
46 23:022:22:336:00:0010:04:5315:14:50
47 22:352:21:085:21:0710:00:0015:07:20
48 22:082:19:455:18:179:19:1215:00:00
49 21:412:18:245:15:319:14:2914:16:48
50 21:152:17:045:12:499:09:5314:09:44
51 20:502:15:465:10:099:05:2214:02:49
52 20:252:14:305:07:339:00:5613:20:03
53 20:002:13:155:05:008:20:3613:13:24
54 19:362:12:015:02:308:16:2113:06:54
55 19:132:10:495:00:038:12:1013:00:31
56 18:502:09:394:21:398:08:0512:18:16
57 18:272:08:294:19:188:04:0512:12:08
58 18:052:07:224:16:598:00:1012:06:08
59 17:432:06:154:14:447:20:1912:00:15
60 17:222:05:104:12:317:16:3311:18:29
61 17:012:04:064:10:217:12:5211:12:50
62 16:412:03:044:08:137:09:1511:07:18
63 16:202:02:024:06:087:05:4211:01:53
64 16:012:01:024:04:057:02:1410:20:34
65 15:422:00:044:02:056:22:4910:15:21
66 15:231:23:064:00:086:19:2910:10:14
67 15:041:22:093:22:126:16:1310:05:14
68 14:461:21:143:20:196:13:0110:00:20
69 14:281:20:203:18:286:09:529:19:31
70 14:111:19:263:16:406:06:489:14:49
71 13:541:18:343:14:536:03:479:10:12
72 13:371:17:433:13:096:00:499:05:40
73 13:211:16:533:11:275:21:569:01:14
74 13:051:16:043:09:475:19:058:20:54
75 12:491:15:163:08:095:16:188:16:38
76 12:341:14:293:06:325:13:358:12:28
77 12:191:13:433:04:585:10:548:08:22
78 12:041:12:573:03:265:08:178:04:22
79 11:501:12:133:01:555:05:438:00:26
80 11:351:11:303:00:275:03:137:20:35
81 11:211:10:472:23:005:00:457:16:49
82 11:081:10:052:21:344:22:207:13:07
83 10:541:09:242:20:114:19:587:09:30
84 10:411:08:442:18:494:17:397:05:57
85 10:281:08:052:17:294:15:227:02:28
86 10:161:07:262:16:104:13:096:23:04
87 10:041:06:492:14:534:10:586:19:43
88 9:511:06:122:13:384:08:496:16:27
89 9:401:05:352:12:244:06:436:13:14
90 9:281:05:002:11:114:04:406:10:05
91 9:171:04:252:10:004:02:396:07:00
92 9:061:03:512:08:514:00:416:03:59
93 8:551:03:182:07:433:22:456:01:02
94 8:441:02:452:06:363:20:515:22:08
95 8:331:02:132:05:303:19:005:19:17
96 8:231:01:412:04:263:17:115:16:30
97 8:131:01:102:03:233:15:245:13:46
98 8:031:00:402:02:213:13:395:11:06
99 7:541:00:112:01:213:11:565:08:28
100 7:4423:422:00:223:10:155:05:54
⇒ R100

Automatic Casting Edit

Spells can be cast by clicking the spell button, using keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys n°1-6 in visual order from top to bottom) or automated using the automatic casting tools obtainable through the upgrades listed here below.

Automatic Casting Upgrades
Name Cost Requirements Effect
Autocast1 upgrade Automatic Casting 100 B (1E11) 60,000 Mana Produced (Total) Allows autocasting of spells by CTRL+Clicking them. While you have at least 1 spell in autocasting mode, your mana regen rate is reduced by 50%.

While offline spells are not cast. instead, increase your mana produced amount by 10% of your mana regeneration.

Autocast2 upgrade Improved Autocasting 200 Qi (2E20) 2M Mana Produced (Total) Reduces mana regeneration penalty to -25%.

Only while offline, increase your mana produced amount by an additional 15% of your mana regeneration per second.

Autocast3 upgrade Masterful Autocasting 300 Oc (3E29) 6M Mana Produced (Total) Totally removes mana regeneration penalty.

Only while offline, increase your mana produced by an additional 35% of your mana regeneration per second, and increase Activity time for spells set to autocast based on their duration, cost and mana regen. See Offline spell casting.

Autocast4 upgrade Priority Autocasting 400 Ud (4E38) 12M Mana Produced (Total) Allows you to prioritize the order of spell casting.

Spells with lower priority will be cast only if the higher priority spells are already active.

Only while offline, increase your spells cast amount by 1 per minute.

Autocast5 upgrade Contingency Autocasting 500 Qad (5E47) 20M Mana Produced (Total) Allows you to set a minimum amount of mana before starting to Autocast. A slide bar will appear on the mana bar when you CTRL+Click: Contingency-slidebar
By adjusting its height you will set a minimum amount of mana for spells to start casting. Once your mana reaches the threshold, spells will follow the priority rules. The contingency loop will break when there is not enough mana to continue, at which point the cycle will reset.

Only while offline, increase your spells cast amount by an additional 2 per minute.

Autocast6 upgrade Planned Autocasting 600 Spd (6E56) 30M Mana Produced (Total) Allows you to set Primary and Secondary spells. Primary spells (Set with CTRL+Click) will fire when the mana reaches amount set by the Contingency slidebar. Secondary spells (Set with SHIFT+Click) will fire as soon as there is enough mana, and if ALL the primary spells are active.

Only while offline, increase mana produced by an additional 10% of your mana regeneration per second and your spells cast amount by an additional 2 per minute.

Autocast7 upgrade Efficient Autocasting 700 Vg (7E65) 50M Mana Produced (Total) Allows you to set spells to work outside of contingency and planned settings. These spells (set with CTRL+SHIFT+Click) disregard your contingency rules and are cast as soon as you have enough mana for them.

Only while offline, increase your mana production by an additional 10% of your mana regeneration per second, and your spells cast amount by an additional 2 per minute.

Autocast8 upgrade Tiered Autocasting 800 Vg (8E65) R42 +

200M (2E8) Mana Produced (Total)

For Tier spell upgrades: Allows you to set the maximum tier you wish to autocast each spell to. In the spell tooltip[4], use the diamond icon to change its mode until you get to the desired maximum tier number. Spells will still follow their previous priority rules.

Only while offline, increase your mana produced by an additional 10% of your mana regeneration per second, and your spells cast amount by an additional 3 per minute.

Automatic casting can be setup by clicking on the autocast buttons inside each spell tool-tip[4], or by using the keyboard shortcut: Silver: CTRL+Click, Gold: SHIFT+Click, Bronze: CTRL+SHIFT+Click, Diamond: CTRL+X+Click.

Note that auto-casting Tax Collection should be set as last spell, if at all. As it is the cheapest and has no duration, it will use up all the mana, and never leave enough for the other spells to be cast.

Offline Spell Casting Edit

While offline, Spells set on autocast:

  • will not be cast, instead, a generic non-specific spell will increase your "Spell Casts" entry in the stats.
  • will gain "Active Time (This game)" based on their duration, cost and online mana regeneration rate.
Offline Activity Time Gain Formula
Formula: t * min(1, m * d / (c1.5 * n)), where t is offline time, m is online mana regen per second, d is spell duration, c is spell mana cost, and n is number of spells set to autocast

For Spells to work offline, you need:

  • Offline Mana Regen Upgrades (such as included in the 'Automatic auto-casting' upgrade)
  • Offline Spell Casting Upgrades (such as included in the 'Priority Auto-casting' upgrade)

The bonuses are additional. The total bonus of all the offline auto-casting upgrades is 10 spell casts per minute and 90% of your online mana regeneration rate.

Special cases:

  • Tax Collection is counted for the number of spells set to autocast but no production will be gained from it being set to autocast offline.
  • If any Brainwave cast time remains when going offline, it will simply continue until finished[5].

See also Edit

Reference Edit

  1. If you have CtA tier 5 but not enough mana to cast all 5 tiers at once, the game will cast them when it can. eg: In the middle of CtA T1, it will start CtA T2, then CtA T3... and each time, the timer will get reset. All tiers combined, this results in fewer but longer casts. (which is not an advantage as you will also have longer inactivity time between the spell casts.)
  2. Formula source
  3. Unlock time table by cueballkev (source)
  4. 4.0 4.1 To manage to click inside the spell tool-tips, the option "Enable Spell Tooltip Persist" requires to be enabled.
  5. Source: offline spell activity time, its kinda weird now @kongregate forums

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