Sun Force is an upgrade which has different effects depending on the universal time of day[1].
(See Current UTC Time @Wolfram|Alpha)
UTC Time Effect Formula
Sunforce-12-6am 12 AM[2]
6 AM
Gain additional assistants based on the amount of Gems you own. Formula: $ floor(ln(1+x)^{1.5}) $  where x is your gems stat.
SunForce 6 AM
12 PM
Increase Faction Coin find chance based on the amount of assistants you own. Formula: $ floor(0.25 * x^{(0.4 + 0.05 * A)} ) $  where x is your assistants stat.
Sunforce-12-6pm 12 PM
6 PM
Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of Faction Coins you collected in this game. Formula: $ log{(1 + x)}^3+A $  where x is your total faction coins stat.
Sunforce-6pm-12am 6 PM
12 AM
Increase offline production based on the amount of buildings you own. Formula: $ 10 * (x * (A+1))^{0.85} $  where x is the number of buildings you own.
A is the number of times you have ascended (R-39).

Unlock Requirements Edit

Sun Force requires the Dawnstone, and Duskstone excavation lore artifacts.

Name Description Requirement
Dawnstone Dawnstone Only found during sunrise hours. Emits a faint glow. Time between 05:00 and 08:00[3]
Chance: (Excavation count / 10,000)%
Duskstone Duskstone Only found during sunset hours. Absorbs light in a small radius. Time between 18:00 and 21:00
Chance: (Excavation count / 10,000)%

References Edit

  1. "The Sun Force upgrade works on UTC, I think because it uses server time to stop you abusing the local clock to get the upgrade version you want" - why_amihere (source)
  2. In RG, 12 am means midnight. (This may seem obvious to some, but the usage of the 12 hour clock is inconsistent world wide and has lead to many confusions.)
  3. Refers to local time, the time on your computer system clock.