Titan Faction Building
In-game description:
"Titans were an ancient race of giant creatures with godlike powers and millennial knowledge. Affiliating yourself with the Titans faction means big numbers: they will boost every aspect of your economy to unimaginable values."

The Titan Faction Edit

Lightning Storm
Titans are part of the Neutral Faction and Ancient Races, it is the first Neutral Faction to be unlocked as the requirements are the lowest. Their Faction spell is based on luck and can become very powerful. You might want to check out the Realm Weather Service to find out when your most productive building will be struck.
Their Bloodline, based on Royal Exchanges, can be herculean and is useful at all stages.
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Faction Spell: Lightning Strike - The production of a random building is multiplied by 4x the amount of Iron Strongholds for 20 seconds. Also grants random Faction Coins based on your current amount of gems.
  • Spell Upgrade: Lightning Storm - Increase Lightning Strike multiplier to 5x Iron Strongholds.
    • Unlock requirement: Cast Lightning Strike 100 times in a single game.
  • Heritage: Increase Royal Exchanges production bonus by an additional 15% each.
  • Bloodline: Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of Royal Exchanges you purchased.
    Formula: 15 * x0.85%, where x is the amount of Royal Exchanges you own.
  • Challenge Reward: Thunderstorm - Lightning Strike now grants more faction coins based on your faction coin find chance.
    Formula: round(x0.8)%, where x is your current chance to find Faction Coins.
  • Unique BuildingOlympian Halls (from Hall Of Legends)
  • Research Facility: Craftsmanship, Warfare
  • Faction Unlock Requirements: See below

Tier 1 Upgrades Edit

Name Cost Effect
Titan Titans Trade Treaty 500 Angel Coins + 500 Goblin Coins Unlocks Tier 1 Titan Upgrades.
Titan-faction-upgrade-11 Colossal Forge 500 Qi
Increase the production of all buildings by 1% per Blacksmith you own.
Titan-faction-upgrade-12 Charged Clicks 5 Sx
Whenever you cast a spell, your click reward is increased by 250% for 20 seconds. If another spell is cast while this effect is active, it is restored to full duration.
Note: despite its description, Charged Clicks applies to all buildings, and is identical in effect to Charged Structures.
Titan-faction-upgrade-13 Oversized Legends 50 Sx
Reduce Hall of Legends building cost multiplier and increase assistants production by 1% per Hall of Legends you own.
Reduces cost multiplier by 0.02; with no other reductions applying, the multiplier will be 1.13 instead of 1.15.

Tier 2 UpgradesEdit

Name Cost Effect
Titan-Friendship-Pact Titan-Faction upgrade Titan Friendship Pact 2,500 Angel Coins + 2,500 Goblin Coins Unlocks Tier 2 Titan Upgrades.
Titan-faction-upgrade-21 Titan Drill 5 Sp
Increases the production of Deep Mines by 250,000%
Titan-faction-upgrade-22 Charged Structures 50 Sp
Whenever you cast a spell, your production is increased by 250% for 20 seconds. If another spell is cast while this effect is active, it is restored to full duration.
Titan-faction-upgrade-23 Cyclopean Strength 500 Sp
Each assistant increases the production of all buildings by 0.25% per Hall of Legends you own.

Tier 3 UpgradesEdit

Name Cost Effect
Titan-Alliance Titan-Faction upgrade Titan Alliance 10,000 Angel Coins +
10,000 Goblin Coins
Unlocks Tier 3 Titan Upgrades.
Titan-faction-upgrade-31 Titan Sized Walls 50 Oc
Increases the production of Monasteries by 25,000%
Titan-faction-upgrade-32 Heavy Coins 500 Oc
Increases Royal Exchanges production bonus by an additional 40% each.
Titan-faction-upgrade-33 Titan Obelisk 5 No
Increase the production of all other buildings by 2.25% per Ancient Pyramid you own.

Unlock Requirements Edit

These requirements can be done in different game plays.

To affiliate with a Neutral Faction, like for Vanilla Factions, you first need to choose the alignment. The alignment upgrade for Neutral Factions is called the Proof of Neutrality. It will automatically appear in your next run, once all the 3 Faction quest items have been collected.

Titan Faction Unlock Requirements
Name Type Unlock Notes
StoneSlab1 Ancient Stone Slab 1 Quest Artifact Have at least 1 B (1E9) gems in the abdication treasury, 5 Excavations 1st clue required to unlock the Titan Faction.
StoneSlab2 Ancient Stone Slab 2 Quest Artifact Have at least 1 B (1E9) gems in the abdication treasury, 20 Excavations 2nd clue required to unlock the Titan Faction.
FragmentOfATitanStatue Fragment of a Titan Statue Upgrade 2 Ancient Stone Slabs,

300 Halls of Legends

Unlocks the Titan Faction, and The Proof of Neutrality.[1]
Price: 1 No (1E30),
25,000 Angel Faction Coins,
25,000 Goblin Faction Coins
Neutral Proof of Neutrality Alignment Upgrade Collect the 3 quest artifacts of any Neutral Faction. 10 Qa (1E16) Coins.

To reach 300 Halls of Legends: Play any faction which has good production.

Unique Building Edit

Titan Unique Building Design
At R22, the Titan's Hall Of Legends building can be upgraded to a Unique Building: Olympian Halls, which is required for some challenges and research quests.

Titan Research Edit

Upon reaching R23, the game advisor tells us we have unearthed some ruins of the Ancient Races which might enable us to discover their research technology.

To gain access to Titan research, you will need the Secrets of the Ancients upgrade. This upgrade will appear once you have bought Olympian Halls and found the Key to the Lost city artifact.
Titan Research Unlock Requirements & Upgrades
Name Type Description Requirement Cost
Titan-research-quest Olympian Halls Quest Quest


Khaire, ruler. More of our people will join your cause if you build enough Hall of Legends. Our architects will take care of expanding them to accommodate the almighty Titans.

Permanently unlocks Olympian Halls upgrade.

R22[2] + 2000 Halls of Legends 10 Dtg (1E100)
Olympian Hall icon Olympian Halls Upgrade Upgrade Halls of Legend to Olympian Halls, boosting their production by 15% per Royal Exchange you've purchased and unlocking more unique perks for the building. Olympian Halls Quest 10 Ttg (1E103)
Artifact-lostcity Key to the Lost City Quest Artifact Unlocks the Secrets of the Ancients upgrade Found on the 1500th excavation at R23
Secrets of the Ancients Secrets of the Ancients Upgrade Unlocks research for Titan, Druids and Faceless and increases production by 100,000%, plus an additional bonus based on Economics research points. Key To The Lost City artifact, Olympian Halls 10 Noqag (1E151) Coins,

1 M (1E6) of each Vanilla FCs

Neutral Research Upgrade
Artifact-ancientdevice Ancient Device Quest Artifact and Upgrade Adds 2 extra slots to the Neutral faction you are playing.

Titans are related to the Craftsmanship and Warfare Facilities.

Play a Neutral Faction

+ 2,000 excavations.

Chance: 0.2% per excavation

100 QiSxg (1E200)
  1. The Proof of Neutrality is automatically unlocked by the first Neutral Faction to be unlocked.
  2. The Titan unique building can be acquired at R22, but Titan research cannot be accessed without the Key to the Lost City, which is only available from R23.

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