In Realm Grinder, your game statistics, referred more commonly as Stats, are important. You will continuously need to check them to find out how much bonus certain upgrades bring or would bring, as much as to see how far you are from certain requirements for unlocking Trophies, Challenge perks or Research upgrades.

This Game & Total Edit

Some stats get reset at abdications, others at reincarnations, and some never. Some are represented 'live' and are updated every second as your game progresses. The little radio buttons at the top left enables to switch between 'This game' and Total' stats.

The basic and most used ones are indicated as follows:

  • This Game: progress done in the current game since abdicating (or starting RG if it is the first time)
  • Total: progress done this reincarnation.
  • All time: since starting RG (eg: as used for Ruby stats)

The followings are only used once:

  • (Max): Highest number reached in current reincarnation. - See under 'Production'.
  • (Last Session): Game played before the last abdication. - See under 'Time'.
  • (Longest session): Longest time reached in current reincarnation. - See under 'Time'.
  • (Current Bonus): Resulting bonus of the REs you have bought in your current game. - See under 'Faction'.

Stat Sections Edit

The stats window is divided in three sections, and not all entries are affected by the 'This game' and Total' options.

There are further more hidden stats you can see using the Royal Scribe tool.

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